Welcome to Standardbred Pleasure & Performance Horse Association of New South Wales Inc.

The ideal pleasure horse is calm, strong, hardy and willing - this describes most Standardbreds perfectly!

People are slowly discovering that this gentle, reliable, versatile breed shines at a variety of activities - trail riding, pony club, ARC, dressage, jumping, endurance, showing and eventing.

SPPHA NSW's main goal is to promote the Standardbred horse in equestrian activities beyond their lives in Harness Racing and to find homes for them when they finish their racing careers.

Sydney Royal 2019

Harness Racing NSW and Sppha NSW are excited to announce Standardbreds

are back at Sydney Royal in 2019. For more information including qualifying go here.

SPPHA NSW Membership

SPPHA NSW Membership for the 2018-2019 season is available through NOMINATE

All current members have been sent an email to re new their membership via Nominate.

All NEW members are welcome to join the SPPHA NSW through Nominate by clicking the below link

SPPHA NSW proudly presenting the Harness Racing New South Wales Off The Track Series

The Harness Racing New South Wales Off The Track series is to promote Standardbred’s as Pleasure Horses upon their retirement from their traditional role of Harness Racing. This is the first series of its kind run in New South Wales and focuses on the transition made from Harness Racing into show horse for Standardbred’s.

The 2018-2019 Harness Racing New South Wales Off The Track Series Commences with Hawkesbury Show 21st April 2018.

Please click on the below logo to find out how to be apart of the 2018-2019 Harness Racing New South Wales Off The Track Series