Member Showcase: Margo Bailey

We are pleased to announce one of our exciting new additions to SPPHA NSW  our member showcase!
Our first member we want to share is our lovely sponsored endurance rider Margo Bailey.

Here is Margo’s Showcase with her beautiful horse Gold Claim.

GC (Gold Claim) GC came to me through the SPPHA NSW horse placement back in 2011. He was owned and trained in Bathurst and had a very successful career, with 108 starts for 62 wins and places. He was retired at 9 years if age and after a year relaxing in our paddock and getting minimal groundwork was finally broken in in 2012.

Since early 2013 he has completed many short distance endurance rides and has become progressively faster and harder to hold back. His spirit that saw him compete so successfully in the gig was becoming the same in the endurance world. He can be a scary horse on a ride and I have had to learn several strategies to keep him ‘in control’, complete and most importantly ‘vet through’. Unfortunately we vetted out at Burraga late last year and GC is having a rest before coming back into work later this month. I have every expectation that he will become fit enough to do a few more rides into the colder months.

I love the breed. They are not ‘silly’ horses and will pass letterboxes, plastic bags, garbage trucks with no more than a glance. They will put up with their owner scrambling on top of them because they can’t mount properly with a crook hip. They do well on any feed and float and camp well when out. Even though GC can scare me on an endurance ride I love the ride he gives me. He is not an affectionate horse but is a ‘worker’ and gets the job done.

As the first SPPHA sponsored endurance horse I hope we can earn the recognition that we have got and go out and show people that the Standardbred horse is an ideal ride on the trails and in competitive endurance.

We are proud to have Margo and Gold Claim flying the SPPHA NSW flag in the endurance world. We wish them all the best in 2017 and will be keeping everyone updated with their achievements this year.