Member Showcase: Kayleigh Manson

We are pleased to announce one of our exciting new additions to SPPHA NSW Newsletters our member showcase.
Each month we want to showcase our members and their horses in any discipline.

This months member we want to share is Kayleigh Manson with her horse Classic Croupier.

Here is Kayleigh’s story on her horse Classic Croupier.

On the 16th of March 2016 I received a call from my farrier letting me know he had a Standardbred  for me knowing that I was looking for one.
I was told he was re-homed to people after he finished racing in February 2016 and they were not taking the best care of him.I asked my farrier if he was broken in as a riding horse as I was already looking for something started, I have 2 tiny babies and didn’t think I had the time. My farrier offered to hop on and see how he goes once he arrives.I receive a phone call couple of hours later and my farrier sounded upset  he informed me that he is emaciated and unable to get on him in his condition.
I was told if they couldn’t find him a home his future was looking rather bleak.
So, I was up next morning at 6am to go and view him.
I have never wanted to cry so much, this dirty skeleton with no light in his eyes greeted me in the stable.
Running my hands over his body all I felt was ribs and my heart broke.I can remember thinking would it be kinder to put him out of his misery or try and bring him back and I thank god I chose to give him a chance.
He was extremely head shy, scared and so untrusting.
After months of hard work, love and plenty of feed this horse has been the best thing to happen to me in a long time.
I have a very special connection with him and he will be in his forever home with me.
Racing name is Classic Croupier (Bruno)
I love standies because they always try, they are so willing to please and have the biggest hearts.
If you own a standardbred you will have a forever best friend.

They are my favorite breed and I’m lucky enough to own 2 !

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