Committee Spotlight: Nicholas Triandopoulos

I have joined the SPPHA NSW because of my love of Standardbreds (I know I have too many, but…). I bring to the SPPHA my interpersonal, administrative, organisational and communication skills, which I acquired during 25 years of service with the Australian Government, 12 of which were as a Federal Agent/Sworn member of the Australian Federal Police (AFP).

One day I was minding my own business watching You Tube videos on how to renovate my house when I got a call from Amanda (Vice President), who was at the SPPHA NSW AGM in October 2016, asking if I would be treasurer. I obviously wasn’t thinking clearly after eating way too much ice cream –  and I said ‘yes’. What a fool I thought, but since then you could say I soon got a promotion and ever since I’ve been in the Secretary roll, one of the biggest and craziest roller coaster rides ever.

Apart from the madness, I am semi-retired, currently taking up the massive one year project or renovating my own house (basically on my own) with limited help.



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