Committee Spotlight: Sarah Solomona

I’ve had a passion for horses since my dad bought me my first horse at the sales when I was 12. Nobody in my family had any idea about horses but this old stock horse taught me all i needed to know…like don’t ride under railway overpasses when a train is going overhead and if you take a corner too fast when riding bareback in the rain you’re likely to come off!!
When I was 18 my first Standardbred arrived and I’ve had one ever since!
My working career involved event coordinator at Sydney airport as hostess for visiting dignitaries/diplomats then moving into the sales and marketing team for Hamilton island for 4 years. In between was a great deal of overseas travel to Europe, India and Africa where horses and riding in very different climates enriched my horse knowledge immensely.
After a few years of marriage we wanted to start a family so I knew this would be my last chance to immerse myself in horses so I left the corporate world to work as a track rider for Tim Martin and then after a few months moved over to working for Chris Waller at Rosehill. The experiences of trucking and floating and racing horses all over New South Wales gave me a very up and close insight into the life of a racing horse.
When I was 20 weeks pregnant with my first child I left and have been a stay at home mum since, with part time work in my own Nutrimetics business.
My association with SPPHA started 10 years ago when I was looking for a new standardbred and wanted the challenge of breaking a horse in to being totally traffic proof and obedient but with spirit to enjoying jumping and a good gallop and with that indefinable quality we call ” Presence…! ”

William Beech donated by the wonderful John and Ann Tapp became my perfect horse!! Quiet as a lamb on the roads in Westmead traffic and high rise construction, willing to have 200 school children surrounding him and then to be dancing on the spot in excitement for a chance to gallop up the hill!

So, after 10 yrs of commitment to the SPPHA I’ve definitely brought dedication and I also bring a strong sales and events background but most of all I bring passion for this wonderful breed and what we can do to help them find homes after racing!
If you’re ever in Parramatta and see a big bay standardbred with a blonde rider its going to be me so yell ‘Hi William!” Or you can toot your horn… ( everyone else does)
I look forward to seeing you at our Trivia night on June 23rd…Please come and introduce yourself as I love hearing everyone’s Standardbred stories!

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