Member Showcase: Jemma Green

Here is Jemma Green’s story of DeRosa Park Diva owned by Candice Wilkins

Jemma Green of 18/24 Equine  has been successfully campaigning DeRosa Park Diva who is owned by Candice Wilkins. DeRosa Park Diva (race name Majestic Dreamer) has had a successful career to date in both Standardbred classes but also success in the Open Show Hunter Galloway classes competing against mixed breeds of top show animals.

Callie being a show horse has been retained with this in mind, after retraining many off the track Thoroughbreds and loving every minute of being able to give an ex racehorse a second chance at life after racing. I wanted to broaden my horizons and work with the Standardbred and prove that they are not only just good for one thing, which I have been able to show with Candice’s beautiful mare.

What I love about Callie is firstly her temperament, is second to none, they are a lovely breed of horse to work with and are very smart. They put 110% effort into whatever you are asking them to do, even on those days when they may be confused they are just so willing and easy to work with.


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