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Membership of SPPHA NSW is a requirement if you wish to adopt a Standardbred through the adoption program or register a Standardbred with the association.

For SPPHA NSW members we also run several High Point competitions and offer Sponsorship. To be eligible for these awards, you must be a financial member of SPPHA NSW and compete on a Standardbred horse. A presentation for all awards is held towards the end of each year.

Horse Placement

The Horse Adoption/Placement program is the most important aspect of SPPHA NSW’s work. Our main goal is to promote the Standardbred horse in equestrian activities beyond their lives in Harness Racing and to find homes for them when they finish their racing careers.

As well as being a member of SPPHA NSW, you will need to complete an Adoption Application form and pay a $150 Adoption Administration Fee.

You can read the Terms and Conditions here and also browse through our available horses searching for their home after racing.


SPPHA NSW has run a registry for Purebred and Partbred Standardbreds for more than 20 years.

The types of Registration available through SPPHA NSW include: Purebred Registration; Partbred Registration (DNA testing is required); Transfer of Registration; Unbranded Standardbred Registration (DNA testing is required).

Registration of horses with SPPHA NSW is not mandated except for the following:

  • National High Point Showing Competition;
  • Sponsorship – where the horse is unnamed with HRA or is shown under a different name to that registered with HRA.

You can view our registration page here.

N.B. For adopted horses, registration automatically occurs at the end of the lease period.


New South Wales State Showing High Point

The NSW State High Points Showing Competition encompasses all NSW shows that include Standardbred classes. The show season begins with Hawkesbury Show (April/May) each year. Competitors must be financial members of SPPHA NSW and must present (lead and/or ride) the horse/s to have their results included. Once the season has finished, results are tallied and a presentation is usually held towards the end of the year.

National High Point Showing Competition

Each year each state SPPHA/SAQ offer a National High Point competition to their members.

For a maximum entry fee of $40, the competition requires SPPHA NSW members and their SPPHA-registered horses to contest at 4 nominated shows and submit their results via the NHPC performance card after attending the final show. The 4 nominated shows must include Led classes to Supreme and Ridden Classes to Champion; only Open Ridden classes are eligible (i.e. must include canter). The nominated shows will be advised by SPPHA NSW before the start of the competition.

With sections for junior members (mares and geldings) and senior members (stallions, mares and geldings) in led and ridden classes, sashes are presented to the Top 5 in each section, as well as Championship sashes and 2 National Performance Horse – Junior National Performance Horse and Senior National Performance Horse – braided neck sashes and rosette. Where possible, vouchers are also offered as prizes to the major winners.

Harness Racing New South Wales Off The Track Series

New and exciting series promoted through the Standardbred Pleasure and Performance Horse Association of New South Wales. The Harness Racing New South Wales Off The Track Series consists of 9 qualifying classes over the 2017-2018 showing season with each Champion and Reserve Champion automatically qualifying for the Harness Racing New South Wales Off The Track Grand Final at the Standardbred Pleasure and Performance Horse Association of New South Wales State Championships. More information can be found here.

Upcoming competitions with Standardbred classes can be found on the SPPHA NSW Showing Events Page. 

New South Wales State Dressage High Point

The competition year is 1st May of the current year to 30th April of the following year. Any level of dressage test, open/competitive or restricted/unrestricted, is acceptable.  Average scores calculated from the tests at each level will be used to determine prize winners. The award categories are:  Highest average score per level (Preparatory, Preliminary, Novice, Elementary, etc.); Highest score overall; Best Rider award (based on the collective marks); Encouragement Award(s).

To participate you must be a financial member of SPPHA NSW. All members will be notified by SPPHA NSW after 30th April to send in copies of your test sheets (scan and email, or copy and post) to determine the winners.


New South Wales State Endurance High Point

Points are collected from participating in endurance rides run by the NSW Endurance Riders Association from 1st May to 30th April of the following year.

Accumulation of points is based on:

  • one point for every successful kilometre completed;
  • the final fitness grading of the horse.

There are no points for placing in the rides, in keeping with the endurance philosophy of “to complete is to win”.

The competition is split into 2 divisions:

  • Social division (20km and under)
  • Open division (40km and over)

To take part you must be a financial member of SPPHA NSW. You will be notified by SPPHA NSW after 30th April to send in copies of your endurance cards (scan and email, or copy and post) to determine the winners.


SPPHA NSW will provide sponsorship for current SPPHA NSW financial members who have been competed with their Standardbred horse(s) at a minimum of 3 events in Open competition for a minimum of 12 months. The emphasis is on the commitment to compete on equal terms, to strive for continuous improvement and actively work towards reaching the next level of your chosen discipline(s).

The criteria for each discipline are as follows:

  • Show Horse – non-breed Ridden classes in full open competition;
  • Dressage – Preliminary level and above;
  • Eventing – Newcomers (60cm) and above;
  • Jumping – 60cm and above;
  • Endurance – Training level (40km) and above;
  • Carriage driving (competitive);
  • Other disciplines will be accepted but must be at a competitive level considered above Beginner/Basic i.e. Standardbreds compete with the same expectations as any other horse (e.g. ARC competition days, Pony Club, Interschools, Western, Sporting, Team Penning, Campdrafting).

The form that Sponsorship will take is at the discretion of the SPPHA NSW committee. Sponsorship may be a package and may include some of the following: one-off payment towards entry fees; monogrammed rug to be used on competition days; monogrammed saddle cloth for competition days; promotional T-shirt and cap.

Additional information including an application can be found here.



Personal Accident Insurance Cover

Current financial members of SPPHA NSW are eligible to take advantage of the Personal Accident (PA) Insurance offer available through Equestrian Sport Insurance (ESI). This insurance provides 24/7 cover when taking part in hobby/pleasure horse–related activities (i.e. not earning money from horse riding/handling).

The initial application and payment will be made through SPPHA NSW, with annual renewals (due 1st July each year) being processed via ESI. To be eligible for renewal you must remain a financial member of SPPHA NSW.

The commercial cost of this PA cover is currently $169.50, taken out through the Australian Horse Industry Council (AHIC). SPPHA NSW has received generous sponsorship to affiliate with AHIC, which activates a price reduction of the annual fee to $95 for adults and $75 for those under 18 years of age.

As well as the price reduction to members, SPPHA NSW will receive a small administration fee for managing the insurance listing. So, while members can enjoy 24/7 personal accident insurance cover at this generously reduced cost, SPPHA NSW will also benefit through receipt of the administration fee – a winning situation for both members and the association.

This insurance can be purchased directly online at https://www.equestriansportsinsurance.com.au/

Just answer yes that you are an AHIC Affiliate and select Standardbreds and you are on the way. This replaces the need for states to gather the information from members and send the information to ESI.


Public Liability Insurance Cover

All current financial SPPHA NSW members are covered by the Association’s Public Liability Insurance for travel to and from any event or show or holding Standardbred classes that is listed on our webpage (www.standardbred.org.au).

For example: if you were travelling to a show and had to stop and unload your horses due to a flat tyre, if your horse got loose and caused an accident, you would be covered by SPPHA NSW’s Public Liability Insurance for the damage caused.

SPPHA NSW Membership forms can be downloaded here

Additional information about the SPPHA NSW Membership can be found on our Membership Page



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