SPPHA NSW offer a wide range of awards each year to highlight our members in showing and also in open compeitions.


Competition encompasses all NSW shows and the show season begins with Hawkesbury Show (April/May) each year. Competitors must be financial members of SPPHA NSW and must present (lead and/or ride) the horse/s to have their results included. Once the season has finished, results are tallied and a presentation is usually held towards the end of the year. See here for results from previous years.

Note:  It is recommended that Beginner Ridden Standardbreds are not eligible for the Champion Ridden Standardbred award; their inclusion in the Champion Ridden Class is at the discretion of the judge on the day. However, points earned by a Beginner Ridden Standardbred in a Championship classwill not be counted towards the State High Point Showing Awards.


The competition year is 1st May 2016 to 30th April 2017. Any level of dressage test, open/competitive or restricted/unrestricted, is acceptable. Average scores calculated from the tests ridden will be used to determine prizewinners. The award categories are:

  • Highest average score per level;
  • Highest score;
  • Best Rider award (based on the collective marks).

To participate you must be a financial member of SPPHA NSW; you will be notified after 30th April to send in your test sheets to calculate the winners. See here for results from previous years.


Commencing in 2015, SPPHA NSW is excited to offer an Annual High Point Award for Endurance Riding to current financial members. Points are collected from participating in endurance rides run by the NSW Endurance Riders Association from 1st May of the current year to 30th April of the following year. Accumulation of points will be based on:

  1. one point for every successful kilometre completed;
  2. the final fitness grading of the horse.

There are no points for placing in the rides, in keeping with the endurance mindset of “to complete is to win”. Click here for further information.

Prizes will be given in 2 divisions:

  • Social Division (20km and under)
  • Open Division (40km and over)