2016-2017 Season Awards


The SPPHA NSW Annual Awards Saturday 30th September 2017 commencing at 6pm

Our awards on offer to our members are as follows:

SPPHA NSW State High Point -Showing

Best Presented

Led Standardbred

Ridden Standardbred

Overall High Point Horse

SPPHA NSW Endurance High Point

20 km Standardbred Award

40 km Standardbred Award

80 km Standardbred Award

Overall Endurance High Point Award

SPPHA NSW Dressage High Point




Highest Score (Single Test)

Best Rider

Encouragement Award

SHAA National High Point

Presentation of awards from the National High Point

Led Section

Ridden Section


The SPPHA NSW invites all members, friends and families to attend the awards night to celebrate the achievements with Life After Racing.