Horse Placement



That's great! But there are a few things you need to think about first:

You must be a member of SPPHA NSW to adopt. You can apply for membership and adoption at the same time.

Most of the horses available for adoption come to us straight from racing. You need to allow them a couple of weeks to settle down and get used to their new environment and new routine. While the horses are usually broken to harness, they are not often trained to the saddle and it is up to you to have this done. If you are not confident , there are trainers that can help you. If you want a horse for pleasure driving, you're ahead of the game - less training is needed.

You will pay for transport of the horse. We try to put you together with a horse in your general area, but this is not always possible. You may prefer to wait until a horse becomes available near you rather than pay for transport; this is your choice.

We do not place horses on a first come, first served basis. Rather, we try to get you a horse that matches your wishes according to your application. This may take some time, as we have no control over what horses become available. We also want the horse to be happy with you.

If for some reason the horse doesn't meet your needs during the 12 month adoption period, or your circumstances change, we will find a new home for the horse and try to find both of you a better match.

There are conditions that govern the adoption process - please review a summary of our TERMS & CONDITIONS for a summary. As part of our terms, you will be required to sign an ADOPTION/PLACEMENT AGREEMENT when you accept a horse. Please click here to download Sample SPPHA HORSE ADOPT AGREEMENT