Training Program

A NEW and EXCITING aspect to the Standardbred Pleasure and Performance Horse Association Horse Placement Program!

SPPHA Nsw Training Program

The SPPHA NSW promotes life after racing with Standardbreds in New South Wales through our current Horse Placement.

To assist horses transitioning from their career as a race horse into the perfect saddle horse, the SPPHA NSW now offers horses from the SPPHA NSW Horse Placement Training Program.

Horses will be given several weeks work (as assessed by the approved SPPHA NSW trainer), to have the basics established under saddle to be transitioned ready for their new rider!

Our Trainers

Aimee Mannix - KP Equine Services

Aimee for many years has been a successful show rider. Competing Nationally with her Stock Horses and her Standardbred Nagnanimous. Establishing  KP Equine Services   as her breaking, training and professional riding business in Londonderry NSW.

Aimee was one of the first to compete with a Standardbred successfully in NSW and at the Queensland State Championship bringing home an array of broad Sashes.

Aimee's training techniques give us a very versatile and educated Standardbred.

Sarah Solomona

Sarah, a very successful Track work Rider now spends her time with her Partner , young children and her beloved horse William. Well known for riding around Westmead Hospital with William and visiting the sick children. Sarah combines her skills as a competent rider with hours of desensitizing the adoption horses in the busy streets around Westmead and busy traffic and building sites.

Sarah training techniques give us a very desensitized and safe Standardbred to continue on with .

Lesley Fitton

Lesley is a very successful dressage rider from Oakville in NSW. Well known for competing with her beloved Standardbred Jerry at Dressage Competitions around NSW.

Jerry was one of the horses that showcased the Standardbreds at Equitana in Sydney in 2015.

Lesley brings a polished approached with her training methods giving the standardbreds she trains an educated advantage.