Companion Horses

Companion Horses

You must be a member of SPPHA NSW in order to adopt our horses. Please review the information on the Horse Placement page and note our TERMS AND CONDITIONS before you consider proceeding.

Now and then we get horses up for Adoption that aren't suitable for riding anymore. They are available for Adoption only as Companion Horses.

These horses may of had previous injuries that make them unsound for riding but don't impact any further on their health or well being. They simply just make wonderful companions to humans or other horses and make great lawn mowers.

Remember – you must be a MEMBER OF SPPHA NSW to adopt. You can send us your Adoption Application and Membership form at the same time.

You can download the Adoption application here and become a new member by going to Nominate here

To find out more information on the below horses please email


Height: 15hh approx. 

Age:  17 years old

Gender: Mare

Location: Maitland

About: Ally is best suited as a companion horse. She has never raced and is not broken to saddle. She is good to catch, float and handle. 


Height: 16hh approx. 

Age:  15 years old

Gender: Mare

Location: Agnes Banks

About: Missy is unsound due to a recent injury. No Nasties with this horse, however can be a little pushy on the ground. Good with the farrier and good with floating. Companion horse only.