Horses Available

SPPHA NSW Horses available for adoption

You must be a member of SPPHA NSW in order to adopt our horses. Please review the information on the Horse Placement page and note our TERMS AND CONDITIONS before you consider proceeding.

Most of the horses available come to us straight from harness racing. Very few are broken to saddle and it is up to you to have this done. Of the few listed as being under saddle, many are newly started and will require further training to reach their full potential. The temperament of the breed in general makes the Standardbred suitable for almost any use and the majority are easily handled by a sensible beginner. We have a list of Standardbred-friendly trainers who have previously assisted our members on our Resources page but there may be horse breakers/trainers already available in your area (we welcome further additions to our list). Please also see our Merchandise page for books that can be of assistance, or see our Links page for access to training/advice websites.

We have no influence over what sort of horses we get, how many, or when, or where. Depending on where you live and what your “wish list” says, you could be waiting for some time. However, we now have a multitude of horses waiting for good homes. Check through the list and have a think about how far you can go from your wish list, and how far you want to travel to look at and collect a horse.

Horses often come up for adoption and are placed more quickly than we can update the website – so even if you can’t see a horse you like here, and you are interested in adopting a Standardbred from us, send us your paperwork so that we have you on our books, and can match you up with your new friend as one becomes available!

Remember – you must be a MEMBER OF SPPHA NSW to adopt. You can send us your Adoption Application and Apply for membership through Nominate here .

Horses are available through the new SPPHA NSW Horse Placement Training Program, adoption fees my vary and are advised by the Horse Placement Officer at time of enquiry.

Application form can be found on our SPPHA NSW Forms page.

To find out more information on the below horses email

Sharkie currently in Training Program

Sex: Mare

Age: 8

Height: Approx 15.2hh

Comment: Lovely easy going Mare to do anything with. Currently being broken in by Lesley Fitton and will need a confident rider. No nasties and lovely temperament.

Located: Oakville NSW


Sex: Gelding

Height: Approx 15.3 - 16hh

Comment: Lovely big boy who has just been spelled for 12 months after racing. Has had saddle on and been lunged and taken it all in his stride. No nasties and no injuries.

Located: Llandilo, NSW


Height: 15hh Approx

Age:  17 years old

Gender: Mare

Location: Kitchener

About: Jewels has been broken to saddle but hasn't been ridden for 10 years. She has a beautiful nature and it wouldn't take much to have her saddled up and being ridden again. Jewels does prefer to be floated on her own. She would make a great trail riding horse!


Height: 15.2hh Approx

Age:  6/7years old

Gender: Gelding

Location: Kitchener

About: Shelby is a lovely gentleman who had 2 starts in his racing career. He is not broken to saddle. He is good to float, shoe and handle. He is a horse that needs to build trust with his new owner and seems to be more comfortable around females


Height: 16.3hh approx

Age:  12 years old

Gender: Gelding

Location: Maitland

About: Slim is a quiet boy who is good to shoe, float and handle. He was broken to saddle as a 2 year old but hasn't been ridden since then. He is a strong horse. Lovely on the ground. Very nice movement.


Height: 16 hh

Age:  9 years old

Gender: Gelding

Location: Maitland

About: Joker is a gorgeous red bay horse. Quiet on the ground, however is a little sensitive around traffic. Broken to saddle as a 2 year old but hasn't been ridden since. Good to shoe, float and handle.

Big Bird

Age: Approx 5
Height: 16.2hh
Sex: Mare
Big bird is great around kids. No known vices. Race name: Aurora Heart.
Located: Louth Park, Hunter Valley