There are many disciplines that you can compete with your Standardbred. Many members enjoy showing, dressage & endurance.

There are many shows throughout NSW that offer Standardbred classes, and SPPHA NSW is always working to convince show organisers to include the Standardbred in their programs.

Check out our Showing Events page for shows are coming up and get your Standardbred out there competing!

Any Standardbred is welcome to compete at agricultural shows - not only SPPHA NSW members.

It is recommended for all competitors in the Standardbred ring to review the Show Ring Etiquette.

For SPPHA NSW members we run a number of High Point competitions. To be eligible for these competitions, you must be a financial member of SPPHA NSW and present (lead or ride) a horse/s. You can also download our Performance Booklet so you can record all your placings at shows and send the booklet in at the end of the season so we can add your results to our High Point Awards.

Please also stop by our Dressage & Endurance pages, we are seeing an increasing amount of interest from Standardbred riders in these areas !